The Mural at the rear of The Crescent

For several years the Buxton Group have been concerned about the view from George Street of the mess at the rear of the Crescent. We thought the site should be screened by hoarding which could be covered with local artwork.

After several abortive attempts, we contacted Jean Ball, the Town Centre Co-ordinator, and she took up our idea with gusto, and arranged for local schoolchildren to come up with designs for the mural, which now shields the unsightly view.


The view before....

..and after.

On Sunday the 1st of June 2003, Tim Brooke-Taylor, who was appearing at the Opera House to record the radio show "I'm sorry I haven't a Clue" unveiled the 30 metre long mural, painted by ten local students from Buxton Community School.

Tim, after painting "the last sheep!"

and with some of the young artists.

Refreshments for the sponsors and artists were provided by The George Hotel and the Project X café.