The Buxton Group

Buxton contains over one hundred buildings listed by the department of National Heritage of Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II status. Click on the building to see photographs and descriptions.

Grade I

The Crescent

Grade II*

St. Anne's Church, Bath Road Devonshire Royal Hospital
Old Hall Hotel The Opera House
Nos. 1 to 6, The Square Twelve stone urns, The Slopes

Grade II

Argyle Hotel, Broad Walk Green Lane, Nos. 85 & 87 Savoy Hotel, Hall Bank
Bath House, Macclesfield Road Green Moor, Carlisle Road Sevenways & Somersby, College Road
Bath Road, Nos. 1 to 6 Grinlow Tower Sherwood, The - Broad Walk
Bollards - jct Broad Walk & Fountain st Grosvenor House Hotel Solomon's Temple
Bollards - NE & SW ends Broad Walk Grove Hotel Spring Gardens, 12-28
Bollards - St. John's Church Hall Bank St. Anne's Well
Bollards - Station Approach Hartington Hotel, Broad Walk St. John's Church
Bridge, Pavilion Gardens Hawthorne Farm St. Mary's Church
Burbage Church John Duncan School St. Peter's Church
Buxton House, Terrace Road Lightwood Road, Nos. 195-201 St. Peter's Road, 5-11
Carlisle House, Broad Walk Limehouse Sun Inn
Cavendish Circus Longden Court Swan, The
Cavendish House, Broad Walk Longford Lodge, Park Road Terrace Road, No. 9
Chequers, The - Broad Walk Manchester Road, Nos. 9&11 Thermal Baths
Cherry Tree Farm Market Cross Tomb of John Kane
Cheshire Cheese Market Place Well Tomb of Micah Salt
Claremont, St. John's Road Milnthorpe Homes Tomb of Phillip Heacock
Cranford, St. John's Road Natural Baths Town Hall
Club House New Inn Turner's Memorial
Collonade, The Obelisk - Dog Hole Cottage War Memorial
Conservatory, Pavilion Gardens Obelisks - Bishops Lane Westminster Hotel, Broad Walk
Dakin Cottage Octagon, Pavilion Gardens White Lion
Derby House, Broad Walk Old Court House Winster Place, Spring Gardens
Devonshire Hospital Drinking Well Palace Hotel Yhelt Cottage
Devonshire Hospital, Lodge & Gates Park Road, No. 50 Viaduct, Bridge Street
Devonshire Hospital, building to SE. Paxton Suite  
Eagle Parade Postbox, The Square  
Elm House, St. Peter's Road Pump Room  
Eton House, Broad Walk Quadrant, The  
Fairfield Vicarage Railway Station  
Foxes Yard Roseleigh, Broad Walk  
George Hotel Sandringham Hotel, Broad Walk  



Created by David Morten